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Frequently asked questions

What is G-gait?

G-gait born with the idea of create an international platform to facilitate meetings between people of the collective lgtbi through recreational and educational short and long-term activities

Who can be a host?

Anyone over 18 wanting to share their hobbies and earn some extra money. If you want to host only have to register through the form “become a host” and fill in all the information.

Who can book an experience?

Anyone over 18 years old. Experiences are classified in mixed, women and men. Experiences for women are exclusive for women, and the same case in men. Mixed experiences are for any gender.

What’s leisure guide?

It is the international guide with the biggest selection of gay places you can check wherever you are. Those who are not marked with the rainbow flag are open to all audiences

Information for hosts

Does it cost to host?

Hosting on our site is completely free and you can publish as many activities as you want.

When and how collect i my earnings?

G-gait will perform an automatic payment after 48 hours from the start of the activity, either short or long term. The user has 48 hours to contact g-gait in case he wants to file a claim (see “cancellation policy”)

Can I cancel my experiences if they have already been booked?

When a host cancels a reservation he recives 1 penalty point and his experiences are shown the last ones on the list. The account will be automatically cancelled when a host gets 3 penalty points and he will no longer publish more experiences in g-gait.

If the cancellation is for “reasons of force majeure” (see “cancellation policy”) and these can be proven with documentation, we won´t proceed to any penalty.

Anyway, the user who made the reservation always get the money back within a maximum period of 15 working days.

What personal information is published on the web site?

In g-gait we value our hosts´ privacy. That’s the reason why we just show your user name.

The exact location of the experience comes not published, only one approximate point on the map, so users don´t know the exact adress until they made a reservation.

Do i have any legal obligation or tax?

Yes, you must take responsibility for the tax obligations you have in your own country. G-gait has no responsability or takes charge of these obligations.

Information for users

How do i book an activitiy?

Just access “experiences”, select the one you like and follow the booking process. Once the payment is made, the g-gait team will automatically send you an email with your booking details and the exact adress.

How is the reservation´s payment made?

The reservation can be made by paypal or by credit card from the paypal platform. You don´t have to have paypal account to make the payment.

Can i cancel a reservation?

No, if an user cancels a reservation the amount won´t be refunded, except in cases of “force majeure” (see cancellation policy). Remember that experiences could be a good gift :)

what happens if the host cancels my reservation?

G-gait will refund the full amount of the booking less 5% for administrative costs within a maximum period of 15 days. We also have a penalty system for the hosts who cancel because we want to reduce the cancellations to minimum, and offer a good guarantee to all the users.

what should i do if an incident happens during the experience?

You have 48 hours from the start of the experience to make a complaint and aim for a refund of the total amount within a maximum period of 15 working days (less 5% for administrative costs)